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Amazon AWS Solution Architect Certification – Free Quiz Certificate | Sample Questions and Answers

Check your skill by answering this Amazon AWS Solution Architect Quiz questions. This quiz will help you to check your knowledge and improve it further. List of the most asked real-world Amazon AWS Solution Architect interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced

Terms and Conditions :

  • – Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic in Amazon AWS Solution Architect Quiz
  • 15 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Amazon AWS Solution Architect Quiz with answers
    -This quiz consists of 15 multiple-choice questions.
  • -Each question in the quiz is in multiple-choice or “true or false” format
  • -You may review your answer choices and compare them to the correct answers after your final attempt
  • -To start, click the “Take the Quiz” button. When finished, click the “Submit Quiz” button.

Here are the questions and answers :

Ques1 :A SysOps administrator has an Amazon EC2 instance using IPv6. Which VPC feature allows the instance to communicate with the internet but prevents inbound traffic?

Ans : Egress-only internet gateway

Ques2 : A Company monitors its AWS environment with Amazon CloudWatch, and has configured several CloudWatch alarms is triggered, both the Developer and the Product Manager must be notified immediately

Ans : Amazon Simple Notification Service.

Ques 3 :A system administrator is writing a configuration script that requires the public IP of an Amazon EC2 instance on which it is executed. How can the system administrator obtain an IP address?

Ans : From the instance metadata

Ques4 : After implementing a multi-region AWS Deployment for all production infrastructure, what an Amazon Route 53 feature would minimize response time for users?

Ans : Latency–based routing

Ques5 : A Development team is moving a Ruby-based web application to AWS. Once operational, the application must be simple to scale, require no environment maintenance, and be easy to update with new versions of the application. Which AWS Service will meet these requirements?

Ans : AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Ques6 : You are an AWS Solutions Architect. Your company has a successful web application deployed in an AWS Auto Scaling group. The application attracts more and more global customers. However, the application’s performance is impacted. Your manager asks you how to improve the performance and availability of the application. Which of the following AWS services would you recommend?

Ans : AWS Global Accelerator

Ques7 : You need to deploy a machine learning application in AWS EC2. The performance of inter-instance communication is very critical for the application and you want to attach a network device to the instance so that the performance can be greatly improved. Which option is the most appropriate to improve the performance?

Ans :Configure Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) in the instance.

Ques8 : When creating an AWS CloudFront distribution, which of the following is not an origin?

Ans : AWS Lambda

Ques9 : Which of the following statements are true with respect to VPC? (choose multiple)

Ans : A network ACL can be associated with multiple subnets.
Subnet’s IP CIDR block can be same as the VPC CIDR block.

Ques10 : How can an instance be copied to another region?

Ans : By creating an AMI and copy it to another region

Ques11 :Which of the following is not a category in AWS Trusted Advisor service checks?

Ans : Network Optimization

Ques12 : How many VPCs can an Internet Gateway be attached to at any given time?

Ans : 1

Ques13 : Which of the following is an AWS component which consumes resources from your VPC?

Ans : NAT Gateway

Ques14 : You have successfully set up a VPC peering connection in your account between two VPCs – VPC A and VPC B, each in a different region. When you are trying to make a request from VPC A to VPC B, the request fails. Which of the following could be a reason?

Ans : Routes not configured in route tables for peering connections.

Ques15 : Your team is developing a high-performance computing (HPC) application. The application resolves complex, compute-intensive problems and needs a high-performance and low-latency Lustre file system. You need to configure this file system in AWS at a low cost. Which method is the most suitable?

Ans : Create a Lustre file system through Amazon FSx.



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