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National Cyber Security Awareness Quiz Answers – MyGOV Quiz Answers

  • Forward this message to all my nearby friends and relatives
  • Rush to the nearest shop to stock supplies
  • Check with the sender and do as he/she says
  • Do not forward it and look for the source of the news and check facts
  • Am supporting a noble cause. God knows my intentions and will keep me safe against frauds
  • I should ignore calls, emails and messages with payment links urging for donations.I will donate on the official website from my end
  • I will donate through the link but after checking how much I can donate without worrying about the consequences
  • Am smart enough to understand who is fake who is real. I will question him and decide basis my judgement
  • How can I disobey my boss! I should give him the password
  • Our CEO/Director is probably checking on me if am working or not. I should share the password to show that am on top of tasks.
  • Should not reply and inform the security team of my company
  • Ignore the email as it seems suspicious and carry on with my work
  • IloveNature123!
  • GodzillaReturns2020
  • Twelve*12
  • Iwa$db1@r [Password Key: It was a sunny day but it also rained (Initial letters)]
  • Do not download the Oximeter app as an app alone can’t read your oxygen saturation level
  • Do not download the app if it not listed on verified app stores (Play store, iOS store)
  • Download as it will help me to monitor my oxygen saturation level using the camera
  • Download only paid oximeter apps as they will be authentic
  • Do not use unsecure/open Wi-Fi networks for banking transactions
  • Ensure the payment site is HTTPS secure
  • Pay through random links received over email/SMS/WhatsApp
  • Do not use anyone else’s card/banking credentials to make payments
  • The email comes without any context or previous contact address of the sender
  • The email tries to create a sense of urgency to get a particular action done
  • The email seems to be from an authentic source but contains grammatical errors and misspellings
  • All of the above
  • Never scan any QR code or enter UPI PIN for cashback/receive money
  • Scan the QR Code and see how to get the cashback money
  • UPI PIN is not needed to receive Money,but I will make an exception as it is from my bank
  • Scan the QR Code & enter UPI PIN quickly or else I will not be able to collect my reward
  • Who cares! It is the responsibility of the website service provider to safeguard my data
  • Wait for instructions from the website service providers
  • Change the password of the account for that website
  • Change the password of the account for that website and any other website if it has the same password
  • Rohan violated Feroz’s privacy by filming him in sleep without his consent
  • Filming Feroz in his sleep was fine but he should’ve taken his consent before uploading it on social media
  • Rohan didn’t violate Feroz’s privacy because it’s a joke between friends
  • None of the above

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