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ISRO Launched 5 Days Free Course with Certification in May 2024

ISRO Launched 5 Days Free Course with Certification in May 2024

About the Course :

Forest carbon and water cycle monitoring and modelling represents a pivotal approach in understanding and managing the intricate dynamics of ecosystems. By harnessing the capabilities of satellite imagery, geographic information system, and remote sensing techniques, forest carbon stocks and water cycle patterns across vast landscapes can be assessed effectively. Through advanced modelling algorithms and data integration methods, one can simulate various scenarios to predict how changes in forest cover and climate might impact carbon sequestration and water availability in different regions.

ISRO extend a warm invitation for you to join us in participating in our upcoming online course titled “Forest Carbon and Water Cycle Monitoring and Modelling.” Scheduled to take place from May 13 to 17, 2024, this course will feature comprehensive lectures aimed at deepening your understanding of forest carbon dynamics and the intricacies of water cycle monitoring and modelling

Objective of the Course : To familiarize forest managers, academicians and researchers about the utility of geospatial technology in forest carbon and water cycle monitoring and modelling.

Content: Understanding forest carbon and water cycles from climate change perspective,Understanding forest cover and land use dynamics using earth observation data, Monitoring and modelling of forest water fluxes, Carbon and water flux measurements using eddy covariance technique, Forest biomass and productivity estimation using earth observation data and modelling.

Registration Fee :

There is no registration fee

Target Participants :

The course is designed for Professionals, researchers and students (at least Graduate) engaged in the field of Forest Management, Conservation, Vegetation Ecology, Environmental Studies, Geospatial Technology and Modelling.

Certificate :

Registered through Nodal centres : Based on 70% attendance, students will be awarded a “Courses Participation Certificate.”

Individual Registration: A “Course Participation” certificate will be given to everyone who devotes at least 70% of each
session’s hours to the course. The course participation certificate will be available for download in ISRO LMS.


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