ISRO Edusat Launched a Free Certification Course on UAV Remote Sensing


    ISRO Edusat Launched a Free Certification Course on UAV Remote Sensing

    Hey Learners! Have you ever wondered to do any online course from ISRO? Well if your answer is Yes then ISRO has launched a free online course on UAV Remote Sensing. Here you can get free verified certificates from ISRO and learn about UAV Remote Sensing for students and working professionals.

    About the course :

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms has brought new dimension to the field of remote sensing. The UAVs enable accurate, flexible and low-cost measurements of 3D, radiometric and temporal properties of land cover features with high quality cameras, GPS and precise processing. Availability in wide range of sizes, easier deployment and cost-effectiveness of UAVs compared to conventional air borne/space borne systems make them attractive.With light weight systems, typically flying at altitudes ranging from 100 m to 300 m and the aerial strip extent ranging typically few kms, they have a great potential in applications like natural resource and disaster management, 3D terrain mapping, precision agriculture, wildlife observation, vegetation measurements, etc. In view of the present and future potential of this emerging technology, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) offers a one day workshop course on UAV remote sensing.

    Target Participants :

    The course is designed for professionals from Central / State Govt. /Private Organizations / NGO engaged in paleo channel studies,
    Ground water studies, Geological and Archeological studies;students and researchers aligned to research in these areas

    Outline :

    • Overview of UAV Remote Sensing and their applications
    • UAV Remote Sensing data Processing
    • Demonstration on UAV data processing

    Certificate :

    Yes you will get free certificate from ISRO IIRS.

    Official Platform : CLICK HERE





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