Google Pay Jaipur Event Answers

    Jaipur Quiz answers Google Pay

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    Google Pay Jaipur Event Answers

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    Google Pay Go India Game Jaipur Event Answers – Jaipur Quiz Answers Google Pay

    Question 1: Jaipur is popularly known as
    Answer 1: Pink City

    Question 2: Which of the following monuments is not located in Jaipur?
    Answer 2: Red Fort

    Question 3: On Dhanteras, where would you shop in Jaipur?
    Answer 3: Johari Bazzar

    Question 4: Which tourist circuit consists of Jaipur, Delhi and Agra?
    Answer 4: Golden triangle

    Question 5: You need to call Google Pay customer care for details related to your gold transaction and a Dhanteras cashback of up to Rs.1000. How will you find the customer care?
    Answer 5: Go to help inside google pay app

    Question 6: Which of the following should you buy from Jaipur ? (Options: Lac Bangles, Bandhani Dupatta, All of them and Blue pottery) ?
    Answer 6: All of them

    Question 7: Rajasthan is the state with highest
    Answer 7: Area

    Question 8: Which dish below is unlikely to be in a Rajasthani Meal?
    Answer 8: Butter Chicken

    Question 9: How many windows does Hawa Mahal have?
    Answer 9: 953

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