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Google Pay Go India Nainital Event Quiz Answers


Go India Game Nainital Event Answer Added – Visit City & Earn Assured Reward | Free Nainital Tickets

Go India Nainital Event City Quiz Answers :

  • 200-250
  • Asiatic Lion
  • Kumaon
  • Kaziranga
  • Ram Ganga
  • All Of These
  • Never Ever Share Your UPI PIN

Question 1 – How Many Tigers are there in Jim Corbett National Park?

Answer 1 – 200 – 250

Question 2 – What is the Famous animal to see at the Gir National Park?

Answer 2 – Asiatic Lion

Question 3 – Which Himalayan mountain ranges surround Nainital?

Answer 3 – Kumaon

Question 4 – Which of the Following lakes are around Nainital?

Answer 4 – All of These

Question 5 – Which sanctuary in India is Known for one horned rhinoceros?

Answer 5 – Kaziranga

Question 6 – What was the name of the Jim Corbett National Park earlier?

Answer 6 – Ram Ganga

Question 7 – You got a call from a tour operator giving you a great deal on a jungle safari. He is asking for your UPI PIN to make a booking on your behalf. You Should :

Answer 7 – Never ever share your UPI PIN


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