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    google free certification courses

    Cloud OnBoard: Unleash yourdata potential. It is a free instructor-led training event where you will be able to learn the fundamentals of data analysis, machine learning, and data processing & how to harness the full power of BigQuery. Join this two day event & upon successful completion of each day you attend, earn an e-Certificate of Participation, badges, and much more.

    It will start from Oct 27,2020 to Oct 29,2020.

    Benefits of Attending

    Upon successful completion of each day you attend, earn an e-Certificate of Participation, badges and much more –

    • Accelerate your learning with Cloud Hero, our interactive online challenge, where you can gain hands-on experience and compete against peers
    • Upon completing our online challenge, unlock 1-month free access to hands-on labs powered by Qwiklabs and earn a Google Cloud skill badge, a digital credential that recognizes your learning accomplishments
    • Continue your learning journey with an exclusive discount to on-demand training


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