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Fortinet Getting Started in Cybersecurity SOAR Quiz Answers

Lesson 10: SOAR Quiz Answers

  • Guarding against DoS attacks
  • Detecting zero-day attacks
  • Phishing investigations
  • Logging events and alerts
  • SOAR collects logs from all security tools to improve network visibility
  • SOAR orients the security team by defining and categorizing cyberattacks
  • SOAR plays out potential cyberattacks to improve network security preparedness
  • SOAR connects all security tools together into defined workflows that can be run automatically
  • It deflects DDoS attacks and identifies the Command and Control source
  • It reports on which endpoints require patching and have security vulnerabilities
  • It increases security team efficacy by automating repetitive processes
  • It analyzes and generates a security score to measure improvements in network security
  • To plan a set of manual tasks to be completed by analysts
  • To automate the actions that an analyst would typically do manually
  • To describe the order in which analysts complete tasks
  • To provide a set of scenarios of predicted cyberattack methods
  • The SOAR system is overloaded by the amount of network traffic
  • Analysts are overwhelmed by the number of alerts
  • Measures the time lag to resolve alerts
  • Analysts reduce the number of alerts using SOAR
  • Compensate for the skill shortage
  • Collaborate with other analysts
  • Analyze workload
  • Accelerate response times
  • Reduce alert fatigue

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