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Ethics in Emerging Digital Space Free Certificate | Infosecawareness

About the Quiz :

Ethics in Emerging Digital Space Quiz is Organized by Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET)National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi, in collaboration with Information Security Education and Awareness( ISEA) ,a programme by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY), Govt. of India.

Certification Criteria :

Users who scores 50% or above marks are eligible for getting certificate within maximum of 3 attempts.

Here are the questions and answers :

  1. What do you think is the objective of suggesting internet ethics?

To frame certain guidelines that are on par with ‘10 commandments of computer ethics’ framed in early 90s
It is to raise awareness on responsible, acceptable and ethical standards or ways of internet usage
To give the technical awareness about developing software for internet
To suggest guidelines for the mobile apps being developed for usage

  1. What is privacy in online education?

Sharing personal information with anyone.
Keeping personal information confidential and secure.
Posting personal information on social media.

  1. Exchanging / Sharing the information related to studies or education, current affairs, sports, business, transport, movies, latest news updates, event announcements, exchanging the thoughts etc

computer ethics
social networking
Cyber security
None of the above

  1. In social media, what type of marketing has become important for advertisers

E-mailed handbills and online press kits
Word-of-mouth, or buzz marketing
Electronic ads
None of the above

  1. What is accessibility in online education?

Making sure everyone has equal access to education.
Only providing education to certain individuals.
Providing education only to people with disabilities.

  1. Which of the following is an ethical issue related to the use of artificial intelligence?

The potential for AI to replace human workers.
The potential for AI to make biased decisions based on flawed data.
The potential for AI to be used to create more realistic video games.
The potential for AI to make medical diagnoses more quickly and accurately.

  1. What is the meaning of the following internet ethic and why is it important ? “You should only spend limited time on internet and ensure your productivity is not affected”

It means to limit internet usage for educational or learning purposes only and avoid all other resources to avoid harmful effects.
It means to stop using the internet altogether and focus on daily routine activities for better efficiency.
It means to use digital devices only after disconnecting the internet access to avoid internet addiction.
It stresses on limiting the use of internet enabled digital devices to save ourselves from digital addiction that leads to various physical, mental and psychological issues.

  1. What is netiquette in online education?

Proper behavior and etiquette online.
Behaving however you want online.
Ignoring other people’s feelings online.

  1. Which of the following is an example of a URL?
windows 7

  1. What is academic freedom in online education?

The right to express ideas and thoughts freely.
Limiting the expression of ideas and thoughts.
Only allowing certain ideas and thoughts to be expressed.


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